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NOTICE OF REGULAR MEETING AND OF INTENTION TO ENACT PROPOSED ORDINANCE TAKE NOTICE that the Board of Supervisors of Barrett Township will hold a regular meeting on Tuesday, January 2, 2024 at 9:00 A.M. (immediately following the Board's reorganization meeting) at the Barrett Administrative & Recreation Complex at 1200 Route 390, Cresco, PA 18326, with respect to a proposed ordinance that amends and replaces the existing stormwater management ordinance found at Chapter 425 of the Barrett Township Code of Ordinances. At the time of the meeting, the Supervisors will listen to comments by members of the public concerning the proposed ordinance. If substantial amendments are not offered to the draft of the proposed ordinance, the Supervisors intend to consider enactment of the proposed ordinance at the regular public meeting immediately thereafter. The proposed ordinance is entitled: AN ORDINANCE OF BARRETT TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, AMENDING AND REPLACING IN ITS ENTIRETY BARRETT TOWNSHIP'S STORMWATER MANAGEMENT ORDINANCE, ORDINANCE 150 OF APRIL 24, 2007, CODIFIED AT PART II (GENERAL LEGISLATION), CHAPTER 425 (§425-1 THROUGH §425-39), OF BARRETT TOWNSHIP'S CODE OF ORDINANCES. The following is a brief summary of all of the provisions of the proposed ordinance: Part 1 contains general provisions including sections on a short title, statement of findings, purpose, statutory authority, applicability, repealer, severability, compatibility with other ordinance requirements, erroneous permits, and waivers. Part 2 contains sections on interpretation and definitions. Part 3 contains stormwater management requirements including sections on general requirements, exemptions, riparian buffers, volume control, rate control, and calculation methodology. Part 4 contains stormwater management site plan requirements including sections on plan contents, plan submission, plan review, modification, resubmission of disapproved plans, authorization to construct and term of validity, and as-built plans, completeness certificates and final inspection. Part 5 contains operation and maintenance provisions including sections on responsibilities of developers and landowners, operation and maintenance agreements, maintenance of stormwater management facilities accepted by the Township, and right of entry onto private property. Part 6 contains sections on fees and expenses including review and inspection fees, and expenses covered by the fee. Part 7 contains prohibitions including prohibited discharges and connections, roof drains and sump pumps, and alteration of stormwater management BMPs. Part 8 contains provisions on enforcement and penalties, including sections on right of entry, inspection, enforcement, suspension and revocation, penalties and remedies for violation, Township liability, appeals, and effective date. The proposed ordinance also contains appendices with a sample stormwater management agreement and declaration of easement, stormwater management design criteria, application, and management district map. A copy of the proposed ordinance will be posted on the Township's website and also has been supplied to the Pocono Record and to the Monroe County Law Library. Anyone may inspect the full text of the proposed ordinance (without charge) or obtain a copy of it (for a charge not exceeding actual copying costs) at the Township's office at the address listed above during regular business hours. If you require any special accommodations to attend or participate in the public meeting, please call (570) 595-2602 (ext. 3) at least one day in advance. WEITZMANN, WEITZMANN & HUFFMAN, LLC By: Todd W. Weitzmann, Esquire 700 Monroe Street Stroudsburg, PA 18360 Solicitor, Barrett Township Board of Supervisors

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