Movie Theater at Buck Hill Inn (Letter to the editor)

When I was a kid, The Inn at Buck Hill Falls was a huge part of the community. A lot of kids got part time jobs there. Mine, for a few years, was to be an usher at the Inn movie theater on the lower level. It was huge for a community the size of Barrett Township but other events were also held there. I graduated from high school on its stage. They showed first run films all year long.

Three or four times a week. Only one showing per film. Eight pm. The attendance was always sparse and it had to run at a considerable loss...

We had a great time. My late wife Barbara Price Rose and a few others from our school class served on rotation. I remember there were tickets...25 cents. There were matinees every Saturday. And, as the Inn was owned by Quakers, no shows on Sunday! This launched me into a life time of film fanship which is alive and well to this day. And, yes, they do not make 'em like they used to!

All best to anyone who also saw movies there

Earl Rose
Palm Springs, CA

PS No popcorn was served! No drinks allowed. And there was a curtain that one of us would go up to pull when the newsreel began. Usually two or three shorts would follow. And a newsreel. I bet some readers will not even know what that was. Remember there was no television. None.

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