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Seguine & Shannon, a general merchandise store located near the Cresco railroad statiuon, was called "The Cresco Cash Store" when it opened in 1891.  In addition to ready-made clothing, it sold dry goods, notions, gents furnishings, window shades, groceries, crockery, glassware, paints, and oils.  


MST became part of Wayne County when it was formed in 1798 and it became part of Pike County when it was formed in 1814. The township originally ran from the Delaware River to the Lehigh River. But, when Monroe County was formed (1836), MST was one of the original townships to be taken from Pike County. Interestingly, the original township would today take in the current township land, Mount Pocono Borough and parts of Price, Coolbaugh, Paradise and Barrett Townships.

As you would now suspect, Price Township was taken in part from MST and Palmyra Township, which was then part of Pike County. The township was formed in 1830 and named for John Price, who was an early settler. It too was one of the original townships taken from Pike County to create Monroe County. Later, in 1848, a part of Price Township was taken to for Paradise Township and then in 1859 to form Barrett Township. Finally, a part of Price township was taken and added to Coolbaugh Township to increase its size.

Barrett was formed in 1859 from portions of both Paradise Township and Price Township. The Township is bordered on the south by Paradise Township, Price Township to the southeast, and Coolbaugh Township on the west. Barrett Township is bordered by Greene Township in Pike County to the north, and Porter Township in Pike County to the northeast.