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Reassessed Property Values - How to Appeal

Reassessed Property Values - How to Appeal

There is a very good thread on NextDoor about the county reassessment.  

If you are a homeowner, the following information will likely be of interest to you: In Monday’s Pocono Record, there is a front-page article about the property tax reassessments that are currently taking place in Monroe County. Here is a link to that article.  

This is the website that you should visit on March 1, 2019: http://agencies.monroecountypa.gov/monroepa_prod_dnn/ Then, if you don’t agree with the new reassessed value of your home, you can file an appeal (the appeal information is shown on this site). As of March, the site will also show the local “comps” that were used to compute the market value of your house.

0 #1 Jerry D 2019-03-07 16:44
I spoke with Tyler Technologies to inquire about the impact on my 2020 real estate tax bill. The person I spoke with was helpful but could not answer the million dollar question. My new assessment is approximately 12 times my current assessed value and I'm curious to know if my taxes will increase. I've read, 1/3 will increase, 1/3 will stay the same and 1/3 will decrease. I'd like to know, in the land of thirds, where will I land. For the sake of transparency, don't you love that word, and for all the work that's been done, don't you think this would have been the first question answered?
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