Summary, For Barrett Township / PMSD:

  • Assessed Value x .019905 - $447.05 (Homestead) = Taxes Owed


Example property breakdown:

$1437.56 2020 base school tax ($94,680 value x .019905 millage rate less $447.04 homestead exemption)
$1226.67 2019 base school tax (verified by looking at a copy of his last year's school bill)

$210.89 increase in base tax = 17.19% increase ($1226.67 + 17.19% = $1437.56)

Keep in mind that it could very well be that some property owners have an increase in their taxes of 34%, especially if they were undervalued previously, but there are others who are seeing their taxes go down, as well.

If he believes his property is over valued at $94,680, he should get information to prove that (perhaps a formal appraisal) and seek to appeal this with the County's assessment office.

Hope this helps!



Original Article, for all of Monroe County

via Rosemary Brown:

As Monroe County residents are aware, the county recently completed a reassessment. You have previously received your property values but were waiting for millage rates by school district in order to calculate your upcoming school property tax bill.

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This article features a question & answer between myself and Judy Linder, Barrett Tax Collector, regarding the 2020 millage and how it fits into the county-wide reassessment.

I'm confused about the property reassessment and the millage. It looks like the millage went from 20 down to 2.5, the millage numbers were roughly divided by 10. Monroe County is switching the property valuations from 25% value up to 100%. Perhaps I'm totally lost here but one set of numbers is divided by 10 and the other multiplied by 4, it doesn't add up to me. Can you let me know what I'm missing, here?

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Wednesday, 18 December 2019 15:34

2020 Millage Rates for Barrett Township

Per Resolution No. 121119B, Barrett Township Supervisors have set the 2020 budget and millage rates. 

For comparison purposes, I have constructed the following table showing the 2020 vs. previous millage rates:

Mills 2020  2019
General Purpose 1.7933 14.0
Park 0.096 0.75
Fire 0.2562 2.0
Library 0.1922 1.5
Road Machinery 0.16  1.25
Open Space 0.032  0.25
Ambulance 0.064  0.5
Total 2.5937 20.25


How is the millage rate calculated?
The county, municipality, and school district (taxing authorities) set their budgets for 2020. The taxing authority then divides its budget by the total assessed value of all property within the area it serves to arrive at a millage rate.

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