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Pocono Mountain School District Release Updated Millage Rates

Summary, For Barrett Township / PMSD:

  • Assessed Value x .019905 - $447.05 (Homestead) = Taxes Owed


Example property breakdown:

$1437.56 2020 base school tax ($94,680 value x .019905 millage rate less $447.04 homestead exemption)
$1226.67 2019 base school tax (verified by looking at a copy of his last year's school bill)

$210.89 increase in base tax = 17.19% increase ($1226.67 + 17.19% = $1437.56)

Keep in mind that it could very well be that some property owners have an increase in their taxes of 34%, especially if they were undervalued previously, but there are others who are seeing their taxes go down, as well.

If he believes his property is over valued at $94,680, he should get information to prove that (perhaps a formal appraisal) and seek to appeal this with the County's assessment office.

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Original Article, for all of Monroe County

via Rosemary Brown:

As Monroe County residents are aware, the county recently completed a reassessment. You have previously received your property values but were waiting for millage rates by school district in order to calculate your upcoming school property tax bill.

I have provided you with the updated millage rate and formulas to use for each school district in the 189th district. Please use the formula below for the school district in which you live.

Please remember this is a tool to help you know your bill amount before it arrives. School districts levy this tax and create the millage rates; any questions or concerns with the millage rates (or previous millage rates) should be directed to your local school board members.

You only need to apply for the Homestead Reduction once – and once applied, this will automatically show on your bill. If you need an application, please click here.

*Commercial properties are not able to receive the Homestead Reduction (noted below in formula) since they are not a residence. Do not subtract that amount on commercial calculations.


  • Pocono Mountain: Assessed Value x .019905 - $447.05 (Homestead) = Taxes Owed
  • Pleasant Valley : Assessed Value x .0229179 - $508.41 (Homestead) = Taxes Owed
  • East Stroudsburg: Assessed Value x .03072 - $441.57 (Homestead) = Taxes Owed
  • Stroudsburg : Assessed Value x .02556 - $379.85 (Homestead) = Taxes Owed

Example for ESASD - $185,000 x .03072 – 441.57 = $5,241.63

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