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Sheriff's Sale OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE (Leibensperger, Stitzer, Shaller)

Sheriff's Sale OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE   By virtue of a Writ of Execution issued out of the Court of Common Pleas of Monroe County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to 007510-CV-2022 I, Nick Cirranello, Sheriff of Monroe County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will expose the following described real estate to be sold at a public online auction conducted by Bid4Assets, 8757 Georgia Ave., Suite 520, Silver Springs, MD 20910 on: Thursday, March 28, 2024 AT 10:00 A.M.   By accessing the web address:   PURCHASERS MUST PAY 10% OF THE PURCHASE PRICE OR SHERIFF'S COSTS, WHICHEVER IS HIGHER TO BID4ASSETS BY WIRE TRANSFER NO LATER THAN 4:00PM THE DAY AFTER AUCTION     LEGAL DESCRIPTION ALL THAT CERTAIN lot or piece of land situate in the Township of Barrett, County of Monroe and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows, to wit: BEGINNING at an iron pin which bears South twenty-seven degrees thirty minutes West two hundred eight feet from the northeasterly corner of land of Ada Stitzer (Vol. 95. Page 510) and in line of land now or late of Archibald Shaller; thence by the same South twenty-seven degrees thirty minutes West eighty-one feet to a pipe; thence by land now or formerly of Charles King South twenty-two degrees West twenty-eight feet to a pipe; thence by other land of Ada Stitzer about to be conveyed to Elmer Heller North fifty-nine degrees fifty-four minutes West one hundred and eighty-three one-hundredths feet to an iron pipe in line of land of Harold Osborn; thence by the same North twenty-seven degrees thirty minutes East one hundred nine feet to a pipe; thence by other lands of Ada Stitzer of which this was a part South fifty-nine degrees forty-five minutes East ninety-eight and fifteen one-hundredths feet to the place of BEGINNING. CONTAINS 0.25 acre exact. TOGETHER with the right of ingress, egress and regress in common with the party of the first part, her heirs and assigns, along and over a strip of land approximately ten feet in width, extending from the southerly side of a certain fourteen feet public road or alley along the westerly boundary line of premises of the party of the first part hereto to the premises herein conveyed to the parties of the second part. BEING the same premises which William J. Kovatch, Executor of the Estate of Hanna Kovatch, William J. Kovatch, Executor of the Estate of Catherine Serema, and William J. Kovatch, individual and Lesier R. Kovatch, his wife, by Deed dated 08/23/1985 and recorded 08/26/1985 in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds in and for the County of Monroe in Deed Book 1456 and Page 1608, granted and conveyed unto Harry Leibensperger and Shirley Leibensperger. AND the said Shirley Leibensperger passed away on or about June 29, 2020, thereby vesting title of the mortgaged premises solely unto Harry Leibensperger.   Parcel ID Numb; MAP No. 01638701169311   SEIZED AND TAKEN IN EXECUTION AS THE PROPERTY OF:  Harry A. Leibensperger   TO ALL PARTIES IN INTEREST AND CLAIMANTS: Prospective bidders must complete the Bid4Assets on-line registration process to participate in the auction. The highest bid plus costs shall be paid to bid4assets, on their website, as the purchase price for the property sold by the Sheriff's Office, Stroudsburg, PA. A schedule of proposed distribution for the proceeds received from the above captioned sale will be on file in the Office of the Sheriff within thirty (30) days from the date of the sale. Distribution in accordance therewith will be made within ten (10) days thereafter unless exceptions are filed within said time.   Sheriff's Office Stroudsburg, PA Barry J. Cohen, Sheriff's Solicitor Nick Cirranello Sheriff of Monroe County Pennsylvania Stephen Panik, Esquire Advertise: 2/23, 3/1 and 3/8/2024