Pasold Farm Nature Preserve

Welcome to the Pasold Farm Nature Preserve.  This 64 acre parcel includes a quarter mile of Brodhead Creek frontage, and is a delightful example of a wide variety of habitats.  Located off Spruce Cabin Road, (south of the Canadensis light on Rt. 447), cross the bridge and take the first right.  Continue to the parking area on the left.  Here you can see the old stone foundation that was once a barn.  If you continue on the road there is additional parking on the right for the Community Garden, and at the end on the left.  

From the first parking lot, go up to the kiosk (Andrew Price’s Eagle Scout project) to vie the map created by the Monroe County Planning Commission.  Head up the hill between the pines, following the Blue Trail markers, and continue to the top of the ledge.   There is an intermittent stream which often makes this part of the trail wet.  You can see where water runs off the hillside from an old spring house.  Continue along the trail and notice the wide variety of trees, including a Black Gum (Tupelo) at the fringe of its range.  Part of the trail crosses old stone rows, indicating that this area was indeed a farm.  As you continue, notice the ledge of bedrock scoured by the last glacier.  On you left you may spy a large, multi-trunked pine which met with an equally old oak, and grew together.  As you near the end, the trail heads downhill, ending at the road.  Here you can scramble down to the rock ledges along the Creek, dip your fingers in and feel the chill of the water, but please no swimming.  A short walk along the Creek brings you back to the parking area.

The Brodhead is renowned as a trout stream, but a PA license is required.  This property was purchased solely with grant money, from the Monroe County Open Space Bond and PA Keystone grant.

Additional Info

  • City: Buck Hill Falls
  • State: Pennsylvania