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What to do about abandoned properties

We understand that there is concern about a lack of action due to abandoned, dilapidated properties.  If you live near an eyesore property, the first thing you should do is call the township and complain.  (570) 595-2602  If a phone call doesn't get things done sufficiently, pdfthere is a "complaint" form (PDF) that you can file to officially record your complaint with the supervisors.  Once your complaint is on file, a zoning officer will review the property in question and determine with the supervisors whether further action is warranted. 

There are local zoning ordinances that say that you don't need to be staring at piles of trash in your neighbor's driveway.

If a particular property is bank-owned, there is a good chance that it is maintained by Safeguard Properties.  If you call and complain, the bank is more likely to send out their contractors to address the property.  (The squeaky wheel gets the grease)

We've included a photo of the hang-tag that is placed on corresponding properties.  The text is as follows:

The property located at ___________ has been found to be vacant. Safeguard Properties, on behalf of the mortgage company, will be maintaining the property to ensure it does
not sustain any additional damages. The property has been secured and placed on a monthly maintenance schedule.

We understand vacant properties may become unsecure or emergency situations may occur. We are providing you with the number below as a point of coi tact for issues that need to be immediately addressed. Please contact us if this property becomes unsecure or in the case of an emergency.

When calling, please have the full address and zip code of the property so that we can efficiently assist you.
Thank you for helping us "Safeguard" our client's interests.
P&P Customer Service 877-340-2432

Ideally, you will call the township first, and have them start fining the bank for having trash on the property.  Generally, the bank will act quickly because they don't like paying fines.


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