Thursday, 12 May 2022 08:52

To the Editor: Plane Spotters on the roof of Skytop Lodge

This photo of Skytop Lodge has special meaning for me. It is, first and foremost, the first place I saw fireworks as a kid. We lived down in the valley but every year would go and park along the golf course with other locals to watch the show. At that time, outsiders were not allowed in the gate especially for the fireworks! During the Second World War, the roof of the Lodge was used by plane Dad was one....and later, when we were having troubles with the "Russkies", the skywatch was continued and I volunteered to take a shift...four hours? A bonus was to spend quiet time on that roof looking at the sky and the beautiful valley before me. I never saw any "enemy planes" but I did learn how to enjoy quiet time and enjoy my surroundings....a real gift for an "itchy" teenager. I soon left the Poconos for college and my grown up life. But that bit of responsibility coupled with the beauty of my home town has lived with me a very long time. It shaped my devotion to public service and a life of volunteering in other larger pursuits.

Earl Rose
Palm Springs, California

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