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To the editor: Avoid Jon Clark Contracting

To the editor - as written:

Subject: Jon Clark contractor


I'm writing to you about Jon Clark contracting.

Please advise other about this contractor. 
He was hired by us too do repairs on our garage. We also hired him to pour the concrete floor in the garage as well.
He hasn't finished anything that he has started and doesn't even show up to attempt to fix and finish the job. The Barrett township building inspector has been here 3 time and Jon Clark has failed inspection all three times for the work he's do. 
He also left the garage floor that he tried to pour concrete property on completely unfinished . Only that can be done to properly fix it and pass inspection it to jackhammer the floor out and have it completely redone as per our building inspector.
Jon Clark makes no attempt to 
To correct the work nor does he return any form of communication we have attempted to send him. 
Please advise other to be aware of Jon Clark contracting. 
Hell take your money and never perform the work that he signed to in a binding contract. 
The job at had was supposed to be completed in three weeks to a month. We are now into Five months and not even close to being done.
Please ! Please ! Please !
Warn other to not get involved with Jon Clark contracting.


Disclaimer: The ideas are the personal thoughts and opinions of Nate Covington and do not necessarily reflect the position of Barrett Township or the Board of Auditors.

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