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Route 940 Bridge in Paradise Township Now Open

Editor's Note: Compared to how nicely the other bridges in our area have turned out, it's a shame how big of a "bump" there is when driving over this new bridge!  They recently shaved it down and add another seam, which makes it a little better, but it's still pretty rough.

PARADISE TOWNSHIP -- The "closed bridge" and "detour" signs have been moved and the bridge on Route 940 in Paradise Township is back open for business, bringing relief for many including businesses that were affected.

"We are so excited and I couldn't even imagine how excited I was for this bridge to open," said Suzie Eckhart, Kasa's Pizza and Taco Bell manager.

The bridge reopened on Monday. It was shut down in August for emergency reconstruction.

Managers at Kasa's Pizza and Taco Bell tell Newswatch 16, the closure put a damper on summer business.

"We are looking forward to everyone coming back and enjoying our pizza and tacos and we want to thank everyone who came out of their way to still eat here because we really needed their business," said Eckhart.

Other nearby places had customer troubles, too, like Snow White Dry Cleaning.

"It was hard, but now we are back to normal and just hope that everyone will come back," said Domnita Lalu, Snow White Dry Cleaning owner.

It's not just business owners who are thrilled to have the bridge open. Drivers are happy, too.

"It was just a real hassle, so I am really excited actually," said Tamir Moustafa of Paradise Township.

Tamir Moustafa lives right near the bridge in Paradise Township. He says taking detours was the worst part.

"People don't know that there is a detour right there so they didn't come here often so now that people know it's open, a lot more business can come in," said Moustafa.

The repair was part of a statewide multi-million dollar bridge reconstruction program.

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