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PA Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Program

via Tracy Fox, Highway Safety Network

Aggressive Driving is exhibited by driving behaviors such as speeding, running red lights, tailgating, failing to stop for stop signs and cutting someone off. These behaviors are exhibited by drivers every day. It can happen anywhere, day or night and anyone can become a victim, no one is immune. Police will be watching for these and other aggressive driving behaviors and issuing citations as part of the enforcement campaign that runs from July 6 – August 23, 2020.

Here is a quick test to see if you may be an aggressive driver:

1. Do you ever speed?

2. Do you change lanes quickly without signaling and cut people off?

3. Do you honk your horn at other drivers because they were slow to respond to the green signal on the traffic light?

4. Do you “ride the bumper” of the vehicle in front of you if you think they are driving too slowly?

5. Do you use your high beams to get the driver in front of you to speed up?

6. Have you ever rolled down your window to scream at another driver?

7. Have you ever used rude hand gestures toward another driver?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have exhibited aggressive driving behaviors.


If you encounter an aggressive driver DO NOT engage them by looking at them, making hand gestures, following them or retaliating. Find a safe location to pull over, call 9-1-1 and give a description of the vehicle make, model, color, license plate and the direction they were travelling. If you are able, provide a description of the driver. DO NOT follow them to obtain this information. Tell the dispatcher what aggressive driving behavior was being exhibited and if there were any weapons involved.

Please drive courteously when out on the road. Everyone has somewhere they need to get to, so let’s all get there safely. Remember your not the only life on the road.

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