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Krista Paolucci Announces Candidacy for PA State Representative of 115th District

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Krista Paolucci of Barrett Township believes the overturning of Roe v Wade will remove the power from lifelong federal appointees and return it to state legislators and, ultimately, the voters. "This is the most democratic way for our country to address a deeply contentious issue that has scarred the spirit of our nation for generations," she said.

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MOUNTAINHOME, PA - Krista Paolucci announced her candidacy for representative in the Pennsylvania General Assembly in the 115th district of Monroe County. The revised 115th district represents Barrett, Coolbaugh, Middle Smithfield, Paradise, Pocono, Price, Stroud Township 2, 4, 5, and the borough of Mt. Pocono.

Paolucci explained that the last two years propelled her into the political arena once she saw the direction her hometown was heading in, adding, "I never expected that I would run for public office, but I feel compelled to do this for my kids and my community. Our current representation just doesn't share my values. They don't represent my family or me. My friends and neighbors felt the same way, so I decided to step up and try to change that for all of us. I simply want to make a positive impact on my community. It's time to restore values to government."

Paolucci is passionate about educational reform, fiscal transparency and accountability, expanding community programs, and passing commonsense legislation. She would promote school choice and expand vocational training to provide parents and students with the best options for successful learning. She intends to rebuild trust between our communities and our public education system by focusing on academic needs rather than politics. "Just look at our state's proficiency scores for grades four through eight. Despite having more resources than ever before, these kids are failing. Parents are fed up with social justice policies and curriculums, kids are suffering emotionally and academically, and teachers are worried about the exodus of students from the classrooms. Something has to change." Paolucci will demand transparency and would like to increase community involvement in legislation. She would like to implement face-to-face townhalls for legislatures to hear the concerns of citizens, and she would encourage state and local governments to provide detailed accounting of how tax dollars are spent. One of the biggest battles she expects to take on is promoting a school property tax credit for retired and elderly residents. Additionally, she'd work to expand Pennsylvania's mentored youth programs, fostering well-being, self-sufficiency, and guidance for our future generations.

Paolucci has fourteen years of experience in project management and coordination. In her previous roles, she specialized in intelligent transportation systems, international standards development efforts, and non-profit and government initiatives. Her high visibility projects include installing and maintaining "smart systems" on the new Tappan Zee Bridge and Queens Midtown Tunnel. She has engaged in numerous international IEEE standards development teams throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. She served as a subject matter expert in that role, guiding various competing companies to consensus. She now operates a small business providing superior service to a range of clientele in our immediate communities.

A life-long resident of Monroe County, Krista Paolucci is invested in the 115th district and is dedicated to serving her community. Paolucci leads with a servant's heart and frequently donates her time and resources to local businesses and residents in need. She and her husband James are members of Innovation Church in Cresco. They have been friends since preschool and are both graduates of Stroudsburg High School. They currently reside in Township with their two daughters, Eva and Sloane.

Paolucci believes that "the most important work we could ever do is protect our constitution and raise the next generation."

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