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Eric Frein Trial Update: What are they hiding? (April 2017)

Since the Eric Frein news has now been spanning almost 3 years, we wanted to provide a quick recap of recent findings.  

In 2015, the PSP released a "redacted" After Action Report." (see attachments below)  The report mentions by name the woman dispatch worker who was present the night of the shootings at the barracks in Blooming Grove.  The image included with this article is a "thumbnail view" of the PSP After Action report.  Note how many pages have been redacted!


Fast-forward to March 2017, and this same girl was allegedly RAPED by the officers that work at the barracks.  They attempted to silence her by having her committed to a psychiatric hospital. 

Were she and Eric dating?  Is there a love triangle involved?  Did Eric know about the alleged rape prior to the shooting in September 2014? 


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