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Backyard chickens

Looking to starting your own flock of backyard chickens? We can help with obtaining chicks, coops (we'll help design & build), supplies and can help answer questions...

Is there a fee for your services?
If you only have basic questions about raising chickens, we will do our best to help for free. 
We charge an hourly fee for any hands-on services:  Building the coop, getting supplies, helping... Each situation is different.

Sustainable Source for Chicks (Egg-layers, straight run)
Our LOCAL network of fertile hens can currently incubate over 600 eggs at a time.  Please let us know if you you want to be added to the waiting list for chicks.  (It takes 21 days for them to hatch)

Coop Materials:
Options vary - we can order regular 2x4 material, 3/4" plywood, standard metal roofing, and custom-build a coop using new materials.  We also have sources for locally sawmilled, rough cut, live edge type lumber of varying species.  Coops can also be made from recycled materials like wooden pallets.

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Edit 4/22/20:

Are backyard chickens allowed in Barrett?

Attached is information pertaining to the Zoning Use H-8, Keeping of Livestock which pertains to chickens.


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