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Josephine Mero, LMSW

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Counseling & Psychotherapy: Clinically trained social worker who strives to provide my client with a confidentail and warm "holding environment" to help them feel safe, comfortable and heard. My clinical training allows me to use a skill, a tool, a methodology that is most appropriate at the time for my client, while at the same time building a "therapeutic alliance."

Life's stressors (family& children ,couples, aging parents, divorce, jobs/professions, relationships), unresolved conflicts, traumas, depression/mental health, and life's transitions.


Additional Info

  • City: Buck Hill Falls
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • Phone: 570-595-9590
0 #1 Previous Client 2019-02-15 19:20
Josephine Mero ruined my life and almost ruined my 25 year marriage. In 2008 I went for therapy around my sexual abuse - to learn about how my boundaries had been crossed as a child and how the trauma was affecting me as an adult. She crossed all kinds of boundaries, including going way overtime, talking about other clients, triangulating w my partner, texting me between sessions and, ultimately, wanting a romantic relationship. Check the record for penalized PA social workers. She should not have a license to practice.
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