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Barrett Township Halloween Parade (2016)

**Parade Revision**
Judging will begin at 12pm for all participants.

Sunday, October 30 from 2-4pm
Get your floats ready and registered. 
Call Betty 570-595-3276

This year's theme: A salute to our veterans.

Trick or Treat:
Oct. 31, 2016 • 6-8pm

Register your display by Oct. 26, 2016
Contact Betty Oppelt: 570-595-3276



1) ARRIVAL TIME…the earlier the better…parade lineup starts at 11:00 am and closes at 12:30 pm. Loading takes place at the former Barrett Elementary Center (now called the Presbyterian Senior Living Center).

2) JUDGING OF PARTICIPANTS is at 12:00pm (updated) in the school parking lot, be prepared to perform for the judges at that time.

3) KEEP THE PARADE MOVING. When the parade begins, the words to keep in mind are KEEP MOVING. Any unscheduled stops (to greet friends or family, discuss political opinions, or weather comments) will create an IMMEDIATE BACKUP in the parade, be considerate of those behind you!

4) MAINTAIN TWO CAR LENGTHS between you and the float or marchers in front of you and always KEEP MOVING.

5) RESPECT THE PARADE OFFICIALS, follow their directions and always KEEP MOVING, we are all volunteers and want you to enjoy the parade.

6) NO ALCOHOL is to be consumed on floats, golf carts or other vehicles. Violators will be removed from the parade.

7) ALL VEHICLES in the parade must be decorated with an appropriate Halloween theme.

8) QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS…speak to parade official wearing an orange vest, and always KEEP MOVING.

9) CHILDREN PARTICPATING IN THE PARADE ON FLOATS OR WALKING MAY USE THE MOUNTAIN HOME CHURCH PARKING LOT TO VIEW THE PARADE. Adult floats can turn right on Route 191, continue on Rt. 191 to right turn onto Buck Hill Rd. continuing across Golf Drive and onto Lenape Lane to right turn onto Valley View Rd. Right turn onto Rt 390 and return to the Barrett Elementary Center for unloading and dis-assembly of floats.

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