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Live Internet Radio: Rock and Roll Ranch

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Advertise on the RADIO...!!! Advertise on the RADIO...!!! is looking for advertisers.... We make the Commercial, you set up a plan how much you want it aired.... You even can come on one of the shows "LIVE" and talk about what you do...  We have a large coverage... So you will have maximum people hear your ad...!!!

Also Great Rates and you get to keep your commercial to use in the future.... For more info Call Sally at 570-595-0622...

Call now to lock in  winter rates....   INTERNET RADIO .....   AS IT SHOULD BE....!!!

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  • City: Buck Hill Falls
  • State: Pennsylvania
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Pieter Holland

Pieter Holland 

Is a Radio Station owmed, operated, and Hosted by Pieter and Sally Holland.



INTERNET RADIO……..    AS IT SHOULD BE………. is a 24/7 Internet Radio Station that is based on Great Entertainment and Classic Rock Music and Everything else in-between… One thing that’s really cool about the show is everyone can be a part of the show by being able to go on the chat line during the show and be able to talk to everyone that’s watching and also the Hosts while the show is in progress…… That’s gonna be fun….. We also will be streaming video at show times so you can even watch the show too…..!!!! And don’t forget that we will be also doing phone-ins at certain times….. Yes , you can call in and ask questions to the Hosts or their guests… Like I said…. THIS IS GONNA BE FUN…..!!!!!

Hosted by PIETER HOLLAND and MUSTANG SALLYwho started their careers in the Radio industry in Las Vegas doing the “SOUND ADVICE SHOW” that aired from . The show ran 4 1/2 years until Pieter and Sally moved to the East Coast …. NOW !!! They’ll be back APRIL 1st with their own Radio Station and bringing you a SPECIAL GRAND PREMIER SHOW at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time …… “LIVEFROMROCKnROLLRANCH”

Starting April 5thand every Monday Night after that direct from Las Vegas the “SOUND ADVICE SHOW” RETURNS !!! Starts at 8:00p.m. Eastern Standard Time… This show has everything from Major Super Stars as Guests to Music Gear Reviews from some of the biggest Manufactures in the industry…. There will be contests with some pretty cool prizes…….. You also will hear some Great Music from New Up and Coming Bands…….. So all in all this is a well rounded show for the Musician or just you Listeners……..

Starting April 6th and every Tuesday Night after that will be The Premier of the show “ALL THINGS SIXX STRING” Starts at 8:00 p.m.Eatern Standard Time……. A show dedicated to the GUITAR !! We will have reviews on Guitars, Guitar gear, Guitar Amps, well I think you get the picture….. We also will have your Favorite Guitar Hero’s on the show from time to time as Guests so you don’t want to miss this show……

Starting April 7th and every Wednesday Night after that The New Show that’s going to be the RAGE!! “LIVEFROMROCKnROLLRANCH”Airs at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time…. Here is a show of all show’s… A VarietyShow……. But not your stock Variety Show ! Comedy, Music, News, Daily Events, Interviews, you name it, it could happen on this show…… Gonna be great….

Starting SEPT. 2nd and every Thursday after that we will be airing a Brand new Show “CONCERT SERIES”…!!!  The new show will be dedicated in spotlighting various artists and Music Events such as the one we aired August 26Th ”WOODSTOCK”…!!!  Due to this great demand from numerous emails Pieter and Mustand Sally have put their heads together and came up with a show that will Bring the House down…!!! “CONCERT SERIES” Certain nights we also will feature segments  from P.U.R.R. and Pocono NightLife when we find Pocono Restaurants and Subjects we feel will be interesting to our listeners..!!  The new show will air at 8:00 p.m. E.S.T.

WE also will be airing SPECIAL EVENTS From time to time so check back to see what’s going on…… And also, if you have any comments PLEASE let us know what they are , and we will listen to you….. Our fans are the reason we do this…… So if you are reading this we must be doing something right ……..LOL..!! So in closing we want to say Thanks and…..

Pieter and Sally


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