Edit 2/17/23:

I learned the Gunderson / property was not purchased with Open Space funds, therefore doesn't get treated the same way as actual Open Space land. 

I've also filed a Right to Know Request for the deed, which is available here.  It appears Barrett Township paid $1 for the property, it wasn't gifted.  I am also able to confirm the deed contains the following language, bottom of page 2:

AND ALSO UNDER AND SUBJECT to the condition that the premises conveyed herein
are to be accessible to all Monroe County residents and the premises shall only be
utilized, in perpetuity, for recreation and open space.

However, this does not mean that the Township is obligated to keep ownership of the property forever.  It means that the next buyer also needs to keep it open to all Monroe County residents. 

Two names are attached to the property because Selma Gunderson conveyed the property to Norman Golten in 2003 before it was transferred to Barrett Township in 2013. 

Edit 2/13/23:

To those who are interested, here are a few documents that I found from 2018 when I filed a Right to Know request for financial expense and related information related to the Gunderson (Golten) property.

Since the township is only required to retain this type of information for 5 years I figured it would be prudent to share the information.

Edit 1/31/23 @ 4pm

For those who are interested, it looks like there is 2014 meeting minute documentation available through the site search related to Golten.

It looks like this is the same property that I had been referring to as "Gunderson" - I'm not sure how the same property got two names.

Original Post:

On January 18, 2023, the Barrett Township Supervisors voted to sell the Golten Property by a vote of 3-2.  John Seese, Pam Gardsy, and Kelly Slinger voted aye.  Patti O'Keefe and Darryl Speicher voted nay.

What is the Golten Property?

In 2013 Mr. Golten offered his property on Spruce Cabin Road of approximately 35 acres to the Township with the condition that the Supervisors would not sell the property and would maintain it for use by the community.  The deed of March 11, 2013 states:

"Under and subject to the condition that the premises conveyed herein are to be accessible to all Monroe County residents and the primses shall only be utilized, in perpetuity, for recreation and open space.

The property is located at 3423 Spruce Cabin Road.


Source: Lehigh Valley Live

The (Easton Area School District) board agreed Tuesday to hire A Plus Logistics in Barrett Township, Monroe County, to look for ways to make bus routes more efficient...

Monday, 30 January 2023 07:21

Letter: Cresco has a new Post Master

Source: Pocono Record

It is a great honor to serve Cresco as your new Postmaster. In my years with the United States Postal Service, I have seen firsthand the role the Postal Service plays connecting neighbors and our community to the nation. Our Post Offices also serve as a lifeline for our small businesses to reach customers no matter where they are.

Monday, 23 January 2023 14:47

Maggie Hartmann for PMSD

For Pocono Mountain Region 1
School Board


Wednesday, 18 January 2023 14:36

2023 Auditor’s Meeting Comments

Editor's Note:
Below are the comments that I read during the public Auditor's meeting on January 4, 2023.  They are also included in the meeting minutes themselves. 

See also, the latest CPA firm Auditor's Report (FY 2021)


1. In Support of the Rainy Day Fund

Last year we acquired the Barrett Elementary School property. How much is it going to cost to renovate? In 2021, the Community Park at Ice Lake opened. Between 2012 and 2019: The dog park, Wismer, Gravel, Skywood, Ice Lake, Seven Pines, Gunderson, Chestnut Mountain and Weinstein properties. How much does it cost to maintain all these properties?

Update 1/12/23:

Today, Thursday 1/12/2023 shortly after 9:00 AM, Anthony VALERA of Pocono Summit, turned himself in to Detectives with the Monroe County Office of the District Attorney at the Honorable Colleen Mancuso’s Magisterial District Court in Brodheadsville to face the charges levied against him related to the alleged theft of $154,400.00 from five (5) different customers/families who signed contracts with him for construction/home improvement projects. A Preliminary Arraignment was held by Judge Mancuso and Anthony Valera’s bail was set at $30,000.00, secured.

(Featured in Letters to the Editor, Pocono Record)

This is responding to the Letter to the Editor from a New Jersey resident warning of the dangers of legalizing marijuana in PA. All of the dangers he listed: use of which can cause slower reactions, coordination, reduced brain functions like attention, memory and learning, affects driving while use (DUI) are all true!

NBC’s Michelle Park took a trip to the Pocono Mountains to get a “Skytop” view and celebrate during wintertime.



Some of the notable projects completed in 2022 include:

  • Replacement of the Route 447 bridge over Goose Pond Run in Barrett Township, Monroe County, $1.2 million;

A Cresco man has been charged with attempted homicide following a shooting in Price Township on Friday evening.

Pennsylvania State Police confirmed troopers from their Stroudsburg station responded to reports of a shooting at Clarks Road near the intersection of Creek Road in Price Township, Monroe County at approximately 5:18 p.m. on Dec. 2. According to one victim from Staten Island, his vehicle was shot at multiple times by an unknown actor.

These Are The 11 Best All-Inclusive Resorts In The USA
By Quinter Auma

These all-inclusives guarantee an epic vacation in the U.S.

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