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January 2018 Propane Prices

Just a quick FYI to anyone who uses propane to heat their homes - I just got pricing today from local propane suppliers and found Heller's Gas to be the best price at $1.45 / gallon.

The highest price was $2.69 / gallon.  It pays to own your tank and price shop each fill!  

0 #2 Editor 2019-01-15 12:33
My tank is a 500 gallon and I own it so that's the biggest cost saver. The propane companies will generally bump you into a lower price per gallon when you are taking a delivery of 300 gallons or more. So since my tank was at 20% full I had room for 300+ gallons. Remember that a "full" propane tank is technically around 85% to allow room for the liquid propane to become a gas...
0 #1 Daniel Rodriguez 2019-01-15 07:50
I just paid $260.45 for a delivery of 96.5 gallons of propane from Helle r Gas how does your web site come up with $1.45 a gallon as the best price I live on Foxtrail in Cresco
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