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Gaming Funds Received since 2016: $0.00?

Disclaimer: The ideas expressed below are the personal thoughts and opinions of Nate Covington and do not necessarily reflect the position of Barrett Township or the Board of Auditors.

Please note that this article has been updated to include details about the $148,270 grant that was used to renovate the Barrett Firehouse.

Earlier this year, I filed a right to know request with Barrett Township requesting "documentation of all moneys received related to the Mount Airy Casino since 2014."

The response from the township was as follows:

Based on a thorough examination of records in the possession, custody and control of Barrett Township, the records you requested do not exist in the possession, custody, and control of Barrett Township.

My interpretation is the township has received $0.00 in gaming / casino funds since 2014.  My understanding is that every municipality in Monroe County is eligible to apply for these grants.  


The latest report from DCED is from 2016 and you can review online.  Findings from this report include:

  • Chestnuthill Twp $32,880.00
  • Delaware Water Gap Boro $122,742.00
  • Tobyhanna Twp $213,720.00
  • Paradise Twp $1,289,971.52
  • Ross Twp $420,000.00
  • Monroe County $4,233,582.30


After looking through previous reports, findings contradict the township’s response to my request: 

  • 2010 - Barrett Twp $275,103.00
  • 2011 - Barrett Twp $216,711.00
  • 2012 - Barrett Twp $97,202.00
  • 2013 - Barrett Twp $125,120.00 
  • 2014 - Barrett Twp $99,094.00
  • 2015 - Barrett Twp $18,510.00
  • 2016 - Barrett Twp $0.00
  • 2017 - Barrett Twp $21,000*
  • 2018 - Barrett Twp $148,270**
  • 2019 - Barrett Twp $0.00*


What happened?  

 *DCED reports are not yet available for these years indicated.  However, I have reviewed the budgets for these given years and I don't see any references to Gaming / Local Share Assessment proceeds.   

Update 2/27/19 @ 10am:
I inquired at today's Supervisor meeting about what happened since 2016 with respect to these funds.  Barrett Township did, in fact, receive a $148,270 Local Share Assessment grant which was used to renovate the Barrett Firehouse.  I asked which year(s) this grant money was received and was unable to obtain an answer during the meeting.  I will update this article as the information becomes available.  

**Update 2/27/19 @ 11am - Further clarification from Pam Gardsy:
We have received LSA grant funding (approx. $21,000) in 2016 (applied 2015 awarded 2016) for a UTV for the Fire Co. We also received grant funding for Firehouse renovations in 2018 (applied 2017, awarded 2018) (approx.. $148,000). That comprehensive project began in the summer of 2018 and was just completed last month.


0 #4 Nate Covington 2019-02-27 10:14
Please note that this article has been updated to include details about the $148,270 grant that was used to renovate the Barrett Firehouse.
0 #3 Jerry d 2019-02-26 07:27
Mr . Covington, is there any way you can share your thoughts on why this happening? It appears from the information you provided Barrett has not received funding it is entitled to and if true, it would appear, to me at least, that a grave error, severe neglect and/or incompetence has taken place. If there is another explanation, and I hope there is, please share it with the tax paying public of Barrett Township. Thank you for the information provided to date, more to come?.
+1 #2 Jerry d 2019-02-19 12:37
What are the possibilities? The request for grant dollars were not filed by Barrett?
0 #1 Jed 2019-02-19 07:31
If you can't measure it. You can't manage it.

There needs to be greater transparency in all the township dealings. It's clear they are abusing their authority. 9 out of 10 townspeople I speak with are not happy with the way things are being handled. It's all about power and money.

Keep up the good work.
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