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Chocolate rush is on at Callie's Candy Kitchen

Workers at the small business in the Poconos are busy as bunnies this week keeping the shelves stocked for Easter.

Source: WNEP
Author: Amanda Eustice (WNEP)

Published: 4:24 PM EDT April 5, 2023

MOUNTAINHOME, Pa. — The steady ring of the register at Callie's Candy Kitchen in Mountainhome means only one thing: Plenty of people stopping in to pick up Easter candy.

"Some little Easter baskets for my adult children. Anything that comes out of Callie's they'll like," said Loretta Wassel of Barrett Township.

Others, like Bernadette Ryan from Paradise Township, were shopping for more than one thing.

"Peeps, and the foil eggs, and I like to go with the crosses instead of bunnies because to me. The cross is what Easter is all about," Ryan said.

Lynn Callie, the owner, says a lot of work goes into getting the shop ready for Easter.

"About four weeks ago, we turn it over every day, and we start making all of our eggs and decorating the whole store," Callie said.

From chocolate bunnies to chocolate crosses, the shop has a wide variety, but if there's something that you are interested in that you don't see, employees say you can always ask, and they can make it fresh for you.

"We make as we need it, so there are things that we've already run out of that were back in the factory making," Lynn said.

The owner says picking up chocolates from the shop is a holiday tradition for many.

"We get to know first-generation people who have been coming for over 50 years, and they'll say, 'Where is that egg, that one I used to get?' Or they come and get the same thing every year, and they have a list from their family," said Callie.

"I like to support small businesses, my neighbors. You know, I feel like the big companies have a big following. I like the more personal small business touch," Ryan said.

Callie's Candy Kitchen will stay busy the rest of the week but will close on Easter Sunday to give employees time to celebrate with family.

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