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Due to predictions of heavy rain and wind for this Sunday, the Barrett Township Halloween Parade is rescheduled for Sunday November 5th.

Date: Sunday, October 29, 2017
Time: 2pm

More Information, Float Registrations, Sponsors


The Barrett Paradise Friendly Library presents its 8th Annual Books & Bubbly 

A Food & Beverage Tasting Event
Date: Friday, June 16th, 2017
Time: 6:30 - 8:30pm.

Starting this week there will be a Yoga class offered on Thursdays from 12:15 PM to 1:15 PM (so as not to interfere with tennis clinics or barre) at the Tennis Tea (unless we have to move elsewhere for an event). This is in addition to the Sunday 10:00 AM class. We need a minimum of five registrants to hold the class so please do sign up in advance. Here's the drill: 

POCONO MOUNTAINS THEATER COMPANY, Dale Snow Theater at East Stroudsburg University, Barely Standing... My Life In Trouble - written and performed by Laura Spaeth, June 15, 7PM; June 16, 8PM; June 17, 5PM; June 17, 8PM (VIP performance with all attendees invited to a post-show reception).  

CRESCO — It’s one of the first places you see while driving into Cresco in Monroe County — The Theo B. Price General Store.

The place has everything from hardware supplies to knick-knacks to collectibles.

The business has been run by the same family for more than 109 years, but now, owner Mickey Miller is saying goodbye to his second home.

“Oh, some days I feel real good but today I am not in the best of mood because it’s kind of nostalgic because we are moving out all these things that are around here and things my wife had collected and she is no longer with us so it’s been hard,” said Warren “Mickey” Miller, Theo B. Price owner.

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Brown Announces There Ought to be a Law Student Contest Winner

The flaw in Rosemary Brown's thinking is creating more laws, more regulations, will help things. Bicycles are already federally required to be sold with reflectors. Adding an overlapping law will not keep cyclists safe. It would only ensure that the politicians and attorneys remain in business.

Recently, Donald made a splash by addressing this issue head-on:
Trump wants to scrap two regulations for each new one adopted

Questions - To Rosemary Brown:

Where do we draw the line with bicycle safety?
Should we force cyclists to obtain a permit or license?
Should we require them to have insurance?
Annual bicycle safety inspections?

Letter to the Editor:

The High Acres Park Committee would like to extend our thanks and acknowledgement to all those that participated in or supported the Memorial Day Ceremony 2017 held at the High Acres Park Memorial Garden and lead by Rollin J. Ronemus, Commander of American Legion Evans-Blitz Post #922.  

Township supervisors provided posters and programs designed by Pam Gardsy. The Village View was so generous with a front page announcement of the event in their May issue. The various online and social media sites in Barrett that posted an announcement played an important part as did the Pocono Record.

The wreath and stand were donated by The Flower Shop at Village Crafts, Cresco, PA. Our volunteer fire company provided folding chairs. Girl Scouts greeted guests and handed out programs while Boy Scouts helped with setting up chairs.

[Update 9/13/17]
At the Supervisor's Meeting on Wednesday, September 13, 2017, it was announced that the supervisors have appealed the zoning board's decision.  Stay tuned for further updates.  

Editor's Note: Milk Delivery is currently available to Mountainhome and "easily accessible" areas of Barrett Township.

Please call 570.234.2617 for details and current service area.

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