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Township Cleanup
Saturday, October 01, 2022, 08:00am - 12:00pm
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July 9, 2022 ●  August 6, 2022 ● September 10, 2022 ● October 1, 2022

Items accepted ONLY on these dates/times. Please no calls during the week.

Automobile Load $10.00 Box Vans U-Hauls 6-8 ft $50.00
SUV or Mini-Van or Small Pick-Up $30.00 Box Vans U-Hauls 8-10 ft $80.00
Full Size Pick–Up Load $40.00 Trailer (8ft or smaller) $40.00
One-Ton Load $50.00 Trailer (longer than 8 ft) $60.00
Utility Van $60.00 Anything enclosed over 10 ft $150.00
Single Axle Dump $75.00
Tires (car & small truck) $10.00 ea.
Tires (20” and larger) $15.00 ea.
Rims $5.00 ea.
Fridge, freezer, AC $55.00
No charge for TV’s, CRV’s, Monitors etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Electronic devices covered under the Covered Device Recycling Act (computers, TVs, monitors, printers, laptops, etc.) are accepted free of charge. Vehicles containing only covered electronic devices will not be charged a load fee.
Clean-Up takes place at the Barrett Township Maintenance Facility, 194 Sandspring Rd, Cresco, PA.
Clean-up is for Barrett Township residents only. Must show valid ID when checking in.
Items NOT Accepted: Household Trash, Oils/Chemicals etc., Paint Cans
Note: All Loose Screws/Nails must be in a container.

PLEASE NOTE: We can no longer accept cash payments over $50.

Make checks payable to: Barrett Township

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